In addition to being recognized technical experts, our trainers are also passionate teachers. Their field of experience allows them to conduct pragmatic training sessions enriched with anecdotes and representative exercises.

Security awareness

During our dedicated sessions, key areas of data compromise, security tools usage and best security practice is discussed with the aim of improving the overall understanding and development of a good security posture within an organization.

Technical training

Cogiceo is a training organization and offers technical training. These training courses are given by our technical experts with several objectives:

  • Understand the attack methods used during computer intrusions
  • Understand the technical implications of each attack
  • Learn how to safely simulate similar attacks
  • Establish effective protection methods

These courses address all of the classic vulnerabilities present in the professional world.

Awareness sessions

Our sensilizations often takes the form of live hacking demonstrations and allows employees to acquire good reflexes, thereby increasing the overall security of the company. We have an extensive training catalog to best adapt to each context and be able to highlight the messages most beneficial to corporate security. In addition, these demonstrations can be tailor-made to adjust the technicality to the target audience (employees, IT specialists, managers, directors).

Since 2018, it is also possible to buy our demonstration kit which allows you to carry out awareness sessions yourself with some striking examples of computer hacks.