Awareness sessions

The awareness campaigns offered by Cogiceo aim to raise awareness of the current dangers in the field of cyber security. They are adapted to the client's contexts in order to target their impact on their employees as much as possible. Each session takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Presentation of the subjects treated with the audience
  2. Support of each subject by a hacking demonstration in order to give a concrete and realistic example to the collaborators
  3. Q&A session at the end of the presentation with the audience

The sensitizations are adapted as well to an uninitiated public as to a technical public.

Topics covered

  • General
    • Security organization within an IT department
    • Internal communication on security incidents
  • Personal equipment
    • Surfing the Internet
    • Use of USB equipment
    • Operation of a smartphone
    • Wireless connections
    • Software installation
    • Nomad pc
  • Digital identity management
    • Network and application authentication
    • Operation of privileged accounts
  • Outward relationship
    • Using email
    • Document sharing
    • Managing a phone call
    • Data classification
    • Management of visitors

Hacking demonstrations

  • Main demonstrations
    • Compromise of a laptop by a trapped mouse
    • Infection of a computer with ransomware
    • Compromise of a computer by opening a malicious Word document (non-macro)
    • Compromise of a laptop via Wi-Fi
    • Compromise of smartphone via bluetooth (blueborne) or a vulnerable application.
  • Additional demonstrations
    • Compromise of a website
    • Compromise of a Microsoft domain
    • Interception of wireless exchanges
    • Password cracking
    • Theft of deleted files
    • USB keys equipped with several types of malware