Penetration testing

Our auditors carry out controlled computer attacks on the audited information system. They simulate the behaviour of a hacker, intruder, or malicious collaborator at different skill levels. The vulnerabilities discovered on the audited information system are then qualified and a corrective action plan is developed.

Our methodology for pentesting Web Application

Our methodology of Wifi pentesting

Active Directory pentesting

Our methodology to pentest Unix/Linux systems

Our methodology for physical penetration testing

Mobile application

Access badges audit


Phishing is very popular with attackers to gain initial access to a corporate network in order to steal confidential information and then spread. Although everyone is affected by this type of attack, in practice few users are properly aware of the pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to follow …

Our Red Team methodology

A Red Team exercise aims to simulate a motivated outside attacker, with one or more specific objectives: theft of strategic data, extortion, looting, espionage, denial of service, damage to the brand image, etc. Unlike a traditional penetration test, generally restricted to a specific application and in a specific context, the …