Technical expertise in IT Security

About us

COGICEO is an independent company, founded in 2012 by senior consultants from major French companies with more than 8 years of experience in the field of IT security. Its core business is based on technical expertise in this field and in particular in penetration tests. In 2020, COGICEO are pleased to announce our launch into the UK market place. We are delighted to provide our UK-based clients the same high level of service we currently provide our valued customers in France.

Security audits

Auditing is our specialty. The performance of audits makes it possible to analyse the robustness of a system in the face of attacks in real conditions. Our main offers are :

  • Penetration Testing
  • Architecture audit
  • Source code audit
  • Configuration audit
  • Organizational and physical audit

We have the French national certification PASSI on the 4 first fields.



In addition to being recognized technical experts, our trainers are also passionate teachers. Their field of experience allows them to conduct pragmatic training sessions enriched with anecdotes and representative exercises.

Security awareness

During our dedicated sessions, key areas of data compromise, security tools usage and best security practice is discussed with the aim of improving the overall understanding and development of a good security posture within an organization.

Certification of excellence

PASSI qualification

COGICEO was one of the 1st companies to be recognised by the French National Cyber Security Agency - ANSSI (equivalent to UK’s NCSC) and holds the PASSI certification that allows cyber security audits for architecture, configuration and source code audits, and of course penetration tests.

Certified OSCP consultants

Most of our consultant are certified Offensive Security Professionnal an award delivered by Offensive Security that guarantee their abilities.

Take control of the security of your IS

Audit the security of your entire information system with a few clicks. Regardless of the number of machines you have, COGICEO Adanalyzer will help you identify the most vulnerable elements and show you how to act to increase your safety level.

Discover every entry point of your IS

Using tools we specially developed, our experts search the internet for the presence of services belonging to your Information System. Our regular analysis of the internet makes it possible to maintain control over your exposure and anticipate the possibilities of external attacks.

Cogiceo Explorer also allows our customers to control their e-reputation and find sensitive information publicly available on the internet (password leaks, confidential documents, etc.). Large groups with numerous subsidiaries are particularly exposed to the risk of putting new undeclared services online (shadow IT) or to forgot old services online that are not longer used nor supported.

Our values

COGICEO is an independent company, specialized in penetration testing. Thanks to a highly qualified and versatile team, made up of consultants with more than 10 years of experience in the trade, we manage to address all of our customers' security needs. In addition, we dedicate a third of our teams time to Research & Development, which allows our audit methodologies to remain constantly up to date.


Freedom of judgment, financial autonomy, no outside influence.


More than 8 years of experience and 300 assignments for major accounts and SMEs.


Speakers and sponsors of French and International events such as FIC, SSTIC, OSSIR, NSC, CRIP, HxM.


Passionate and certified senior consultants.


A single point of contact for an effective and privileged relationship.


We offer services tailor made and adapted to your needs.

Some of our valued Clients

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